The following are some frequently asked questions about the Niche Article Club

What are the benefits of Niche Article Club membership?

Niche Article Club members receive the following:

  • A minimum of 30 freshly written high quality articles every month (sometimes more)
  • A minimum of one free software application or e-book every month. These applications and e-books will be related to various topics that will help you make money money and build a more successful web site.
  • Access to the members only toll free helpline. This toll free helpline is for members to ask questions related to Internet marketing, web site promotion, and search engine optimization issues.
  • Periodic special members only discounts on original articles written by This is where you can have custom articles written at 50% off regular prices.
  • 50% off blog design and implemenation services provided by

Do you limit the number of members to the Niche Article Club?

In order to ensure that your content remains fresh and does not clutter the web we limit each club to 200 members. We gaurantee tha t each club will never contain more than 200 members.

Do I own these articles?

Yes, you own the articles and can do whatever you want with them.

What is the most effective use of the articles from the Niche Article Club?

These articles will be most effective if pubished to a blog on a daily basis. The power of blogs in Internet marketing is amazing. If you plan to submit these articles to article directories then it is recommended that you alter them with original titles and customization within the content. This is because article directories may not accept them if there is a duplicate on their site.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you are not under a contract and can cancel your subscription the Niche Article Club anytime.


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