Content Based Internet Marketing Strategy

Today is an exciting time.  The Internet has barely been around for more than 10 years and it is already changing the world.  We are in an e-commerce revolution as more and more people all over the world are becoming comfortable doing business online.  Make no mistake about it.  The opportunities for doing business online are truly unlimited.  This of course is no secret and the competition is building every single day as more and more web sites are put up by entrepreneurs seeking to cash in on the e-commerce revolution. 

It is not surprising that the highly competitive nature of the web and the fight to show up in the top search results has resulted in an entirely new industry often known as SEO or search engine optimization.  Search engine optimization and Internet marketing experts are all over the Internet selling their services and "know how" to entrepreneurs anxious to start getting traffic and getting their share of this new cash machine we call the Internet.  There is such a ton of conflicting information available that it can be enough to overwhelm many web site owners.  To make matters worse many of these gurus are selling this for way to much money when in fact all of the necessary information on effective web site promotion and Internet marketing is available for free.

The problem is whom do you believe.  At we have always told our clients that nothing speaks louder than results.  That, as well as the personal relationships we have with our customers,  has been the cornerstone of our success. We back up our promises with results.  The numbers don't lie. 

Evaluating Internet Marketing Advice

Before following the advice of any Internet marketing guru or web site promotion expert I recommend that you evaluate the results achieved by the service or expert.

Does he or she have a high traffic web site? 

Do they have a page rank of 4 or better? 

What is their traffic ranking?

Remember that ratings over 100,000 are probably not that accurate according to Any site with a rating under 100,000 is probably fairly accurate and getting a decent amount of traffic.

How many back links are being recognized by the big three search engines. (Google, Yahoo and MSN)

If a so-called web site promotion expert does not have a successful web site and is not doing those things they are teaching then how can you know that the strategies are effective.  The other part of the equation is that some of the Internet marketing tactics taught on the web are effective for producing traffic quickly but not for the long term. They are often tricks or short cuts that have the appearance of being effective but do not generate long term qualified or targeted traffic and more importantly sales. These are the things to consider when evaluating any claims by Internet marketing experts or gurus.  

Content Based Internet Marketing

Content based Internet marketing is the all-inclusive answer for web site promotion and Internet marketing. 

Content-based Internet marketing creates valuable one way links from relevant content

Builds the overall size of your web site thereby increasing page rank

Improves search results pertaining to relevant keywords all the while providing useful information to the web search consumer. 

By building your overall web site promotional strategy around quality content based Internet marketing using blogs, press release distribution, e-mail marketing, article directory submission, and e-zines you are creating a network of links back to your site and branding your self and business as an expert in your industry.

We are not going to bore you with details but only the basics of what you need to do to effectively promote your site on the Internet to maximum your results.  The following three strategies should be the staple of any Internet marketing campaign and produce results. This is not to say that you should not incorporate over forms of web site promotion. The most successful web sites use a variety of Internet marketing strategies including content-based internet marketing and paid advertising such as pay per click.


When clients ask what about our recommendations for internet marketing and web site promotion our first response is always with regard to blogging. While a well-rounded Internet marketing campaign is best, to optimize success there are few methods more effective in the long term for improving search engine ranking and page rank than blogging.

Clients involved in our Content Based Internet Marketing programs ( who publish fresh content to their blogs daily, see very positive results in terms of keyword ranking, page rank and overall incoming traffic through their blogs. This is because the search engines love blogs.  A blog is the perfect content management solution.  It allows you to publish fresh articles with ease on a regular basis.  By posting a new optimized article daily for a different keyword or keyword phrase clients will eventually have hundreds of content rich pages optimized for all of the possible keyword combinations related to their industry.

We recommend that you publish one article to your blog daily every single day of the year. This is very important because consistency is the most important thing.  The search engines send out there spiders on a regular basis and once they see that you publish new content to your site daily they will start visiting your site more often indexing your new pages more often. These means your new articles pages will rise to the top of the search engines that much more quickly.
If you do not have a blog you can visit or Wordpress for information on installing a free blog on your web site. offers various blog design and integration services at reasonable prices at In order for your blog to effectively bring traffic to your site it needs to be hosted on your server and not on a separate web host. For example, your blog address should be something like and not A blog hosted at blogspot or another hosting service will not be nearly as effective in bringing you targeted traffic or increasing your search engine rankings.

Article Directory Submission

We recommend that you submit a minimum of 10 original articles every  month to a minimum of 10 article directories with links back to your site.  If you want these articles to have the most impact on increasing your page rank the article directories you submit to should have a Google page rank of 4 or better. If you are not sure what their page rank is you can download Google's tool bar which attaches to your browser and will provide all of these information and more. The Google toolbar is a must for any serious Internet marketer. You can download the toolbar at

Press Release Distribution

Another component of an effective content based Internet marketing campaign is press release distribution. Distributing press releases on a regular basis through newswire distribution services will create both immediate traffic and inbound links back to your site as the press releases are picked up and posted on web sites. An example of a good press release distribution service is PR Web will distribute your press release for free but you can receive enhanced distribution for additional fees. For example, for a payment of $80.00 you can be guaranteed to be included in Yahoo News. We have been very successful in using press release distribution in marketing our client's web sites. We recommend you publish one press release per month through

It is important that your press release read like a news story and cover newsworthy information. Press releases that sound like advertisements are not likely to be accepted by PR Web. Our writers at are experienced in writing effective press release copy and we guarantee that our news releases will be given high ratings for quality by  For more information on our press release writing service visit