Kris Kobach states he’s ‘proof’ of voter fraud in Nh. He can not be serious.

perfectly permitted to join up and election in Nh under condition law — without or with a Nh license.

Nh Public Radio did an analysis into this very question in Feb. They received data on 5,903 same-day registrants without having-of-condition licenses in the secretary of state’s office.

Over 4,000 of them resided attending college towns, suggesting these were simply out-of-condition university students. The rest were spread pretty much evenly over the condition.

Subsequent reporting seems to verify this. On Thurs ., The Post’s Dave Weigel released a phone call for same-day Nh voters without having-of-condition driver’s licenses to inform their tales. He been told by three of these — university students from out-of-condition — inside an hour.

Based on Nh law, university students may register to election in both the city where they are while attending college, or perhaps in their house town. A Nh license isn’t a requirement of registration or voting either in situation. Evidence of residency might be established by government photo ID or “any other proof recognized as reasonable” by elections officials, including “forms from your college or college.”

Based on Kris Kobach, the prevalence of out-of-condition drivers’ licenses is “proof” of prevalent voter fraud. The truth is, this means nothing.

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