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Home Business Is A Whole New World

February 9th, 2007 by

A home business is a whole new world to some one who has never worked in one before. If you are thinking of starting a home business, you need to know that it is harder than it sounds like it is, and it is going to take lots of work. However it is something that can be very rewarding, as it can help you with money issues and help you to take control of your life, without ever having to go into an office.

The reason that a home business is going to be a lot of work is that most of them have to be started from scratch. The first thing that you need to do is figure out what you want to do for your business. This can be one of many things. You can provide a service or a product, or you can do things like advertising and marketing. Whatever you want to do, the first thing you need to have is a plan. You need to sit down and decide what you are going to do and how much money this is going to make you. Once you have a plan to get started on, you can actually get started.

After you know what you are doing, you should do some research into the businesses that are going to be your competition. If you want to sell something, for instance, you should find other home businesses that are selling the same thing you want to sell. That way, you have an idea of what kind of prices they are charging, what other services they are offering, and how they go about marketing their products.

After you have done some research, then it is time for you to make some decisions. You have to decide what you are going to sell or provide, and how much you are going to charge. Then, you have to decide how to get that product or service to the people who actually need it. Most home businesses today do this online. If this is how you want to go about it, then you have to figure out a way to market your product online. You will need a website and an email address, and you will need to begin to have these things designed so you can begin to sell your products.

Another thing that you have to decide before you start to market your business is where are you going to get the things you are selling? Are they handmade things that you make yourself, or are they things that you have designed or purchased from somewhere else? All of these decisions will come into play and need to be thought through before you even begin your home business.

With a little planning and some start up time, you can have a successful business that should allow you the freedom to work at home.

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Things to Keep In Mind When Earning Extra Income

February 9th, 2007 by

Additional income is to the American Dream what apple pie is to America – an
essential. Yet sometimes it is possible work hard to earn extra income only
to realize that you are putting yourself and your assets in danger of
serious repercussions. Of course, with a bit of know how and finesse it is
possible to avoid these problems, but there are some things you need to keep
in mind when earning extra income:

First and foremost, is your location suitable to the business you have in
mind? If, for example, you are thinking of doing some part time catering for
weekend events and private parties, you will want to make sure that your
kitchen is up to the challenge. Is it big enough? Is it sanitary? If you
have pets, will you be able to keep them out of the kitchen while you are
working on the menu? Additionally, are you well versed in proper food
preparation techniques that will ensure that you observe all the rules and
regulations with respect to food safety, temperature control, and also
transport for the food items? There is nothing worse than having whole
parties come down with food related illnesses that can be traced back to
you. Not only is this a great embarrassment, but it also may spawn lawsuits
that might cause you to lose you home and any other asset you have.

Will you need permits or licenses? While earning extra income may seem like
small potatoes it is still important to keep up with the necessary
legalities. For example, if you are planning to open a family daycare, you
do not have to have a license, but if your home is part and parcel of a
covenant controlled community, or if you rent your home, then odds are good
that you need to get permission from the owner or the board of directors for
the homeowners’ association before hanging out a shingle and earning extra
income in your home. In many cases these permits are hard to come by and it
is not surprising to find that those who attempt to skirt around the issue
of permit will suddenly find themselves on the receiving end of letters
threatening fines if they persist in conducting business without permission.
This is one of the occasions where it is not easier to ask forgiveness than

Last but not least, do you have enough disposable income to make earning
extra money a possibility? Do you have a computer system that is up to the
challenge of doing the kind of work you are contemplating, or do you need to
invest in some new equipment? If the latte is the case, make sure you are
not racking up the credit cards so as to make a bit of income, but instead
save up before you get ready to take on that work at home job.

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Time Management Tools for Those Earning Extra Income At Home

February 9th, 2007 by

Working at home to earn some extra income is a blessing for most, but for
some it can become a nightmare in very little time. While it may seem odd
that you need to incorporate time management tools in your effort to make
ends meet by simply working from a location where you are already – your
home – it is imperative that you remember that structured time will be by
far more productive than simply working as the mood hits you. Similarly, if
you are not on the top of your game with simple time management devices, you
might quite possibly find yourself at the end of the day with precious
little to show for the deadlines you need to meet the next morning. Miss a
few deadlines, and the odds are that you will lose that wonderful business
opportunity that allows you to earn extra income while working at home.

Time management tools are greatly varied, depending on your needs. Thus, it
is quite possible to create a plan that works for you individually as well
as for the task you will be performing. To this end, quite possibly the most
important technique that will help you to remain focused while earning the
extra income is to set an objective for each day that you have work to do at
home. Define your goal for the, identify which projects need to be completed
and how you need to pace yourself to see them through to completion. The
easiest way to achieve this is simply by breaking down your project into its
varied components, assigning time values to them and then meeting these
deadlines one at a time. The small sense of accomplishment you will feel
when you achieve one or more of the deadlines will go a long ways to
ensuring that you do not suffer from burnout or other frustrations which
will take the joy out of earning extra income.

One of the most overlooked time management tools for those working earning
income is the schedule and calendar. It is not enough to simply block out a
period time that you will use to work, but you will need to augment this
block with reminders, as well as frequent breaks; after all, earning extra
income simply means that you have another source of income and working two
jobs may be more than you bargained for when you took on this opportunity.
Adding frequent breaks to your schedule is a good idea. This also permits
you to interact with friends and family who will not mind the extra income
you are earning as long as it does not interfere with your ability to also
spend time with them. In the long run, this form of scheduling will benefit
you as much as it benefits them.

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Making the Most of a Business Opportunity

February 9th, 2007 by

The Internet is home of the business opportunity ad. While some are not
legit, others do have the potential of netting you a pretty penny. Once you
have found such an opportunity, it is important that you make the most of it
– but to do so wisely, you will need to observe a few tips and tricks that
will not only help you to earn money, but also protect you from losing any
of your hard earned cash in the process.

When you are starting out in pursuit of your business opportunity, you will
need to juggle your full time job and your extracurricular pursuit. While it
might be tempting to throw caution to the wind, quit your job and pursue the
opportunity full time, it is extremely unwise to do so. You will still have
bills, and if you have a family, it is unfair to expect them to suddenly
make do without the little extras they have come to appreciate. Instead, go
ahead and work your regular job while expanding on your business
opportunity. This will prevent you from having to give up after a few
unsuccessful months with maxed out credit cards.

Building a business takes time, and if you involve friends and family, you
will probably be able to do so a lot faster. Of course, this should not mean
that you try to peddle your nutritional supplements that are part of the
business you are building at every family reunion. Instead, you might be
able to involve some family members in the business end itself. Do you need
help with taxes? Maybe an aunt is good at doing them! Do you have questions
about licenses and insurance? If you have a stay at home dad who is willing
to do some work in exchange for a bit of money, these headaches could be
taken away from you. In short, rare is the entrepreneur who makes money all
by her or himself from the basement, yet plentiful is the entrepreneur who –
with the help of friends and family – succeeded!

Your business opportunity requires exposure, yet there is more to
advertising than paying for a three by five ad in the local rag. Instead,
attend trade shows, hand out flyers, print up business cards (not the free
ones that carry another company’s logo on the back) and network with other
entrepreneurs. Do not stay home when you are trying to build a business, but
instead go to where the business world is located and get out the word! This
ensures that you will truly make the most of your business opportunity
without having to spend money you may not yet have earned on costly
advertisements that may not be as effective as you had hoped.

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Avoiding MLM Scams While Looking For A Home Based Business

February 9th, 2007 by

Choosing a Home Based Business can mean wading through pools of scam artists and get rich quick schemes. Many people try to make their living by deceiving others. They present an attractive package, a catchy headline and details that seem too good to be true.

Proverbs tells us that wealth gotten quickly will be squandered quickly. Old fashioned hard work and ingenuity is still your best bet to obtain financial security. If it seems too good to be true, it is. Be wary of any company that asks for money up front without personal contact, clear details or a money back guarantee

Many business classified as multilevel marketing business can be found. They find their way into your spam email folder, your mailbox and your telephone during dinner. They base their system on being able to convince others to pay a membership fee to sign up and then go out and recruit other poor suckers to do the same. The only people who make any substantial money are those skilled enough to lie their way to the top of sucker tree. Once at the top, they collect a large portion of the membership fees from new recruits. They claim that once you climb the ladder of lies to a higher level, you can choose to sit back and reap the benefits of the labor of others. While it may be legal in most states, it definitely is not morally correct to benefit from the naivete and hard work of others.

While these businesses in essence are deceitful, they are clever in their dishonest tactics. They operate under the guise of a legitimate sales business. Sometimes the products being sold are of good quality and are worth the asking price. It is the multilevel structure of the business that is dishonest. Many recruiters will use the legitimate business of sales to justify the deceptive multilevel marketing details of their contract.

The sad truth is that most new recruits pay the membership fee, purchase a starter kit of products for sale, buy books written by other business owners in the MLM and fork out large amounts of money for supplies, training materials, seminars and travel expenses before discovering the truth about their position on the MLM food chain. By the time those duped come to their senses, the money is long gone and the “business partners” have made themselves scarce. The bottom line of the checkbook doesn’t lie

Multilevel marketing scams are often sought after by trusting individuals with a desire to earn extra income and better themselves personally. The tragic experience of the MLM scam can turn hardworking individuals against the ides of starting a legitimate home based business.

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Are Home Based Businesses Encouraging Social Isolation?

February 9th, 2007 by

Sociologists have studied what has been termed “cocooning” very carefully since the explosion of the world wide web. Cocooning is the process of social isolation where a society withdraws from physical interaction with each other. This “hermit-like” behavior can lead to the decline of many cultural and social traditions. Cocooning also affects the way we interact with other when do finally leave the house and meet face to face.

The availability and popularity of the internet has changed the way that humans communicate and interact. We can spend hours in chat rooms pretending to be beautiful, successful and brilliant when in fact we are average looking, overweight and unemployed. The person at the other end of the keyboard has no way of verifying our claims or disproving them.

Discussion over the internet removes an essential aspect of communication: body language. Such things as posturing, fidgeting and eye contact all are unconscious transmitters of our true intentions. We learn as small children not to make eye contact when telling a lie and to cross our arms to distance ourselves from unpleasant people or situations. As of today, the computer screen has no way of converting these communication skills into data that can be observed as overtones in the written text of a conversation.

This cocooning may affect the communication skills of future generations. While excelling at expressing themselves through the written word, our children may lack the skills to give a convincing speech in public of carry on a comfortable conversation while waiting in line at the grocery store. Some youth even use text messaging to communicate when they are in the same room.

The prevalence of home based businesses may be in part due to this preference for cocooning and nonverbal communication. It is perfectly acceptable to home school your children, run a business from your home, email your mother and fax your clients. You can even order a pizza, shop for a birthday gift and have your groceries delivered: all without any verbal communication.

As in everything in life, a balance is needed. If you email your mother today, call her tomorrow and visit her on the weekend. If you work from home, make time to visit the park. Join social groups rather that internet message forums. Limit the amount of time that your children use the internet and cell phone for text messaging. Encourage teens to take a speech or debate class along with that computer programming class when signing up for college courses.

Many great social traditions like wedding rituals and back yard barbeques may someday soon be in danger of extinction. We all must do our part to keep the spark of social interraction alive for future generations.

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Understanding the Pitfalls for Affiliate Marketing

February 9th, 2007 by

While work at home moms are often the favorite target for Internet scammers, website owners are a close second. You own a website and are possibly paying bit of money to keep the site running. Do you not wish you could make some
money with the website you work so hard to maintain? Imagine how wonderful it would be if you could you’re your hobby into a real business that would not only pay for itself, bt even offer you a few extras that could be put to good use for the kids, or your family. To a webmaster, affiliate marketing is almost always the answer to this dilemma. In and of itself, affiliate marketing is a wonderful opportunity share in the profits of a reputable company by displaying their links and banners, and allowing
interested parties to visit those sites and perhaps purchase a product. When they do so, the company will often offer you a small percentage of the sale as a finder’s fee.

Yet there is a bit of a seedy underbelly to the affiliate marketing industry that will actually jeopardize your good name as a webmaster and will also result in payouts that are pennies on the dollar. For example, have you ever been surfing the web only to suddenly stumble across a website that touts an amazing nutritional supplement that does it all? Weight loss for the overweight, hair growth for the bald, an increased sexual stamina for those lacking it and a host of other items are cured or corrected with a pill after breakfast, lunch and dinner. These miracle cures are touted on the website via a long list of testimonials, and you can almost always recognize the feel of these sites simply by the long list of text they sport, the varying fonts employed, and also the different colors these words are written in. you may simply shrug your shoulders at such a site until – about halfway down – you see a copy of a commission check the webmaster has posted and suddenly he or she has your undivided attention. The heck is small enough to be realistic yet big enough to have you consider what you could to with the money and how it could ease the tension at home from lack of disposable income.

When you are hooked, the spiel usually involves a site owner who is so successful that he or she has decided to take on two or three qualified novices and train them to do the business as well. This involves selling the miracle product to your friends and neighbors and then just sitting back and waiting for the money to roll in. Additionally, you will need to post banners on your website. What has just happened, in a nutshell, is an affiliate scam that ties your success directly into a multi-level marketing
scheme. While your links will attract more interested parties to the originator’s website, you are meanwhile alienating your friends and families by the legal drugs you are peddling. This is not what affiliate marketing is all about, and it is important that you understand the implications of your putting links or banners of any business on your website.

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12 Tips For Writing Winning E-mail

February 6th, 2007 by

by: Michael Oksa

Learning to write more effective e-mail is a valuable skill when you are trying to build an online business. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Capitalize The First Letter of each word in your subject line NOT EVERY LETTER. writing in all lower case should also be avoided. You may be trying to make sure your e-mail gets read when using all caps, but it will be deleted most of the time, without ever being read.
Avoid making claims that are difficult, if not impossible, to prove. Try to avoid words like best, biggest, easiest, greatest, and so on. These words are subjective, and will often cause people to delete your message without opening it. If you feel you absolutely must use words like this in your subject line, then support them in the body of your e-mail.
Make them short and compelling, but don’t use deception to get people to read an e-mail. “Message From Admin” or “Account Deleted” are two examples of deceitful subject lines. You may get someone to open the e-mail, but if they find an ad they will delete, and more than likely, block future messages from you.
If you are sending e-mail to someone you don’t know personally, then explain who you are and why you are sending the e-mail. Example: “You are receiving this e-mail because you are in my A1SFN downline”, a simple explanation is usually all that is needed.
Pay attention to how the body of your email looks. Remember to put a space between paragraphs, but avoid too much use of “white” space, too. You want your e-mail to be easy to read.
Use proper punctuation, and use capital letters at the beginning of each sentence. Messages written in all lower case are fine for quick notes to family and friends, but have no place in a business e-mail. Don’t forget, spelling and grammar count too.
Sign your name to your email. It shows your downline you are a real person, and builds trust.
Use a p.s. in every message you send. It is one of the most read parts of an e-mail. Ask for some action on the part of the reader in the p.s., but keep it relevant to the main text of the email.
A signature line is an accepted way to do any non-relevant advertising. Most mail providers offer this service.
Don’t spam. If you are not sure whether the email you are sending will be considered spam or not, then don’t send it.
Respond to emails you receive as fast as you can. Within 24 hours whenever possible.
Finally, test the different parts of your e-mail on a regular basis. Keep what works and get rid of what doesn’t work, and you will soon find your email response rates go up.

Take some time to review these tips, and see where you can make improvements, you’ll be glad you did.

About The Author

Michael Oksa is the publisher of the A1 Success Force Newsletter. You can save time and money when you’re well informed. More info at http://www.a1successforce.com

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Writing Articles for Your Web Site

January 24th, 2007 by

If you want to create a web site you can be proud of and succeed in running your own internet business, you will need to create articles that are interesting and informative. Writing articles that describe the goods and services that you sell will give customers a better idea of what they can expect when they make a purchase. Internet marketing requires you to have a web site that looks professional and contains information that customers will find useful. Internet marketing with articles that are well written will increase your sales. Customers will see that your web site is legitimate to make purchases from and will want to return when they need to place another order.

The articles you post on your web site can explain uses for your products, testimonials, answer questions from customers, or describe products. You should include as many pictures and graphics that you can so that customers will know exactly what they are looking for. This will make their decision to purchase items much easier. Many times, internet marketing means that you must be creative and offer the very best web site, customer service, and communication. You should send out email to those who sign up for your mailing list so that they will know when you are having a sale or when you will be featuring a new product.

Internet marketing with article is also a way to raise your ranking in search engines. Using keywords, you can create articles that will be used get noticed by search engines. Pick words or phrases that you think will be chosen by those looking for the types of products you are selling. This will help them find you a little easier. Instead of having to type in your web address, it will pop up in the search engine results. This will help increase your business.

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Ezine Marketing Network

January 24th, 2007 by

There’s a powerful new way to market your company to thousands of potential customers at one time. It’s called an Ezine Marketing Campaign. What is an Ezine marketing campaign and is it for you? An Ezine is an electronic newsletter that contains expert information about your company and can be submitted to thousands of subscribers at one time. Just think; information can be distributed about your product by the thousands in seconds.

Ezine marketing is a powerful new tool many companies are using to reach the masses with minimal effort. If you are interested in Ezine Marketing, then you can use the Internet to search for companies that offer Ezine marketing services, such as newsletter design and format as well as emailing the newsletter at the desired times you wish it to reach your potential customer. Building your own marketing base is important to the success of your business. Be sure and utilize the programs you already have in place. If you have a website, newsletter, and merchant account, you’re already half way there. A merchant account is where your website is set up so that customers can purchase their product through your site. A newsletter is a letter that contains information about your company and products.

Things such as product development and pricing could be included in the newsletter. If you have sales or exciting promotional campaigns going on, it’s important to let your customers know this and what better way to do this than an ezine? Through your website, the customer can subscribe to your ezine. This way you will create a newsletter database that will allow you to send them information through your ezine. Isn’t that fabulous? Your business will have a database of customers that are already interested in your product. They told you so by subscribing to your newsletter. An ezine is also operated by an autoresponder, so once it’s set up the maintenance is minimal.

An ezine offers them wonderful information but also promotes your business as you would like it promoted. In a high-tech world, why not take advantage of a program that can build and maintain your business faster than the mail and think of the postage you’ll save. The combination of the strategies you and your company already have into place plus the power of an ezine should increase your business and help with overall “Branding” of your company. Use as many strategies as possible and don’t limit your marketing to one venue. While the ezine is a wonderful tool, remember Internet marketing doesn’t reach everyone. There are still the purists that enjoy getting a flyer and reading the newspaper or magazine ads. So, sit down with your marketing department and develop a strategy that is right for you.

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