Ryanair cancelled flights: Air travel states it covers substitute seats on rival airlines

Per week after Ryanair started the mass cancellation of flights because of the pilot shortage, the air travel has finally confirmed it covers passengers’ flights on other airlines if required.

European passengers’ legal rights rules insist an air travel that cancels a flight ticket should offer passengers “re-routing under comparable transport conditions to their final destination in the earliest opportunity” — even when which means having to pay for any flight on the rival carrier.

Around one-third of the million passengers have experienced their flights cancelled by Ryanair between mid-September and also the finish of October.

During Ryanair “live chat” sessions passengers enquiring about alternative flights happen to be told: “We aren’t giving the choice to alter the flight with another air travel.”

When Ryanair abruptly cancelled over 160 flights a week ago, many passengers were obliged to reserve a lot more costly tickets on other airlines. They might now be in a position to claim refunds.

The Civil Aviation Authority stated: “Following an intervention in the CAA, Ryanair has confirmed towards the United kingdom regulator that it’ll reroute passengers on other airlines.”

Its leader, Andrew Haines, stated: “We fully expect all EU airlines to satisfy their obligations regarding passenger legal rights.

“Ryanair is comfortable with these passenger legal rights so we wrote towards the air travel to explain their legal obligations and seek assurances on when and how they’ll provide alternative flights along with other airlines.”

The CAA told The Independent it might be monitoring the problem carefully to make sure that Ryanair is providing the very best rerouting possibilities towards the passenger. The organisation has stated when Ryanair doesn’t fulfil its legal obligations, it’ll consider steps including enforcement action. 

Robin Kiely, Ryanair’s mind of communications, told The Independent: “Given the very fact we’ve already re-covered 75 percent in our affected customers and given how big our network, it’s unlikely we will have to, and can achieve this if required, and also have been doing this, entirely compliance with EU261 legislation. 

“Any customers whose flights happen to be cancelled happen to be contacted, so we advise people to liaise with this customer support team to ensure that we are able to take all necessary steps to re-accommodate them.”

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