Stephen King’s It scares from the Exorcist to get greatest-grossing horror ever

Stephen King’s It’s damaged the 44-year record set through the Exorcist to get the greatest-grossing horror film ever.

Warner Bros announced Thursday the film, an adaptation of King’s novel in regards to a child-devouring clown, had entered the $500m (£399m) mark in the global box office, besting the $441m total produced by Alien. It’d already set the record for any horror film in 17 territories, such as the US, the United kingdom and Australia.

told Variety.

“The film-makers and cast exceeded create a box-office hit,” she stated. “They produced a communal, must-see moviegoing event which has reverberated around the world and it is still going strong.”

However, this record-breaking performance has a hefty caveat: adjusted for ticket-cost inflation The Exorcist’s total continues to be easily greater. In 2014, The Exorcist’s adjusted worldwide gross was calculated at $1.794bn. The greatest-grossing film ever when adjusted for inflation is finished Using the Wind, whose worldwide total of $400m means greater than $3.4bn at 2014 prices.

The prosperity of It’s motivated the studio behind the show, New Line Cinema, to fast-track a follow up, which was already given a September 2019 release date. Andy Muschetti will again direct the show, which is set 17 years later, mirroring King’s original novel. It’s not yet known who’ll take part in the adult versions from the first film’s child cast.

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