Mercedes F1 engines drive £110m purchase of United kingdom

German vehicle manufacturer Mercedes has says producing the V6 turbo engines utilized by its championship-winning F1 team is adding around £111.7m towards the British economy.

Recently Lewis Hamilton steered Mercedes to some 4th consecutive F1 ­title, and even though it races underneath the German flag both team and it is ­engine manufacturing division are located in Britain.

Mercedes designs, develops and builds its F1 engines in a dedicated factory in Northamptonshire. The neighborhood area is known as “Motorsport Valley”, ­after America’s Plastic Valley, as eight from the 10 F1 teams are based there. Mercedes’ engine division alone had total costs of £126.9m around ending December 31, 2016 based on its latest ­accounts. They condition that “the company now employs 571 staff people and contributes over 88pc of their total expenditure inside the U . s . Kingdom”.

At £73.5m, development and research comprises the majority of this with staff compensated an additional £42.6m. The economical impact stretches beyond that as Mercedes’ engine division handles nearly 1,500 United kingdom-based suppliers ­including designers, equipment manufacturers and haulage firms.

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The engines don’t simply power Mercedes’ own outfit but the Pressure India and Johnson teams. Charges for leasing options are received by Mercedes, with parent Daimler supplying the rest of the engine division’s revenue, which reversed by 7.5pc to £140.4m this past year. After having to pay an £11.4m goverment tax bill it had been playing a £1.5m internet profit.

Revenue from the F1 team itself faster 35.7pc to £289.4m, fuelled with a increase in prize money from winning the F1 title the year before. However, costs surged 10.7pc to £274.9m due largely to changes towards the F1 rules. After having to pay £15.9m in tax they designed a £3.8m internet loss. Combined with £1.5m internet make money from the engine ­division, Mercedes’ F1 group remained having a £2.3m loss after tax.

Its purchase of Britain continues to be along with the Government’s support from the hi-tech industry through its development and research relief, which provides companies a deduction on taxed profits of qualifying expenditure.

The accounts condition that “the Uk remains a worldwide center of competence for that motorsport industry which, along with the Government’s support for development and research, has allowed the organization to carry on to purchase an experienced workforce and technologically advanced asset base”.

It’s not entirely driven by racing. The accounts condition that “the company partcipates in development and research to aid the introduction of F1 power units and also the change in technology to road vehicle projects”.

Britain’s wealthiest celebrities of 2017: top ten by gross earnings

Britain’s 10 greatest-compensated celebrities have with each other pocketed an astonishing $614m (£460m) in the last 12 several weeks, with Harry Potter author J.K Rowling using the lion’s share, based on figures from Forbes.

Earnings from Harry Potter and also the Cursed Child, a two-part stage play that offered 1.3m copies in 2016, and it has been showing in theatres working in london and New You are able to, has catapulted the novelist to the top greatest-compensated list for 2017.

Not just is Rowling the greatest-compensated celebrity within the United kingdom, she’s even the greatest-compensated celebrity in Europe, the world’s greatest-compensated author, and third greatest-compensated celebrity on the planet.

Which other British celebrities made the very best 10 greatest-paid list? 

Coldplay ($88m)

British pop/rock group Coldplay – comprised of Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Guy Berryman – earned $88m this season after starting your global tour in the spring which earned them around $5m per city.

Adele ($69m)

Tottenham-born Adele ranks because the third best-compensated celebrity within the United kingdom, with gross earnings of $69m this season, making her the only lady within the top ten list aside from Rowling.

The 15-time Grammy champion has turned lower millions in endorsements through the years, but her 2016 world tour, her first since 2011, helps her bring in the large dollars.

The greatest-compensated British celebrities in 2017

Gordon Ramsay ($60m)

The greatest-compensated man within the culinary world ongoing to cash in this season because of a hosting gig on The F Word along with a syndication deal for his show Culinary Genius.

The 51-year-old is reported to possess made $60m consequently, before taxes or agent and management charges. 

Elton John ($60m)

Age is not holding Sir Elton John back he’s played 99 concert events in Vegas and elsewhere this season, based on Forbes, and the newest gig is creating the score for The Demon Wears Prada on Broadway.

Elton John Credit: Janet A. Keiser/AP

Paul McCartney ($54m)

Paul McCartney is constantly on the perform sell-out gigs, getting seven figures every time. But his greatest earnings remains the royalties from his solo songs and Beatles hits, which helped generate $54m this season.

Rory McIlroy ($50m)

In the finish of this past year, professional Northern Irish golfer McIlroy won two occasions throughout the PGA Tour playoffs and it was awarded the FedEx Cup which won him the $10m bonus pool.

The eight-figure cheque, along with a number of commercial handles the likes of Omega and Upper Deck, helped boost his pay packet for 2017 to $50m. 

Rory McIlroy Credit: David Cannon/Getty Images

Calvin Harris ($48.5m)

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris has capped Forbes‘ listing of the world’s greatest-compensated DJs for five consecutive years, from 2013 to 2017, raking in millions from Vegas performances and headlining music festivals for charges that stretch into seven figures.

His collaborations with high-profile figures in the market, including Rihanna, Taylor Quick and Pharrell Johnson, have helped him to get probably the most effective DJs on the planet. This season he apparently earned $48.5m.

Lewis Hamilton ($46m)

British racing driver Lewis Hamilton is in the center of a 3-year contract extension with Mercedes that began using the 2016 season. Based on Forbes, it is likely to spend greater than $120m, including bonuses.

Among the most marketable motorists within the sport, he is constantly on the money in from endorsement handles L’Oreal, Bose, Puma, and Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP).

Simon Cowell ($43.5m)

Music supremo Simon Cowell made $43.5m this season because of knowing stints on Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent, in addition to X Factor which introduced in eight figures.