Growing curiosity about science and engineering jobs set to tackle Britain’s skills gap

Britain’s STEM skills shortage could soon begin to ease, with new figures showing an increasing appetite for science, technology, engineering and maths careers among job searchers.

3 years ago, the number of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) vacancies outnumbered candidates by nearly two to 1, but figures from job site Indeed showed that today the number of individuals trying to find STEM jobs had reached 90pc of the amount of vacancies.

The ratio has risen from .57 in The month of january 2014 to .90 in This summer 2017, showing the availability of appropriate candidates has almost swept up with employer demand.

Top Ten Most widely used basic level STEM jobs

The data shows a generational split among people looking for work, with millennials and those within their 30s the most interested in STEM roles, with the latter 16pc more likely to look for a STEM job than other work.

By comparison, Seniors are less drawn to STEM – candidates aged between 61 and 65 are 38pc less likely to consider STEM jobs than other roles, Indeed found.

And individuals seeking a job within the field of science, technology, engineering or maths don’t always require a qualification. Around 13pc of the 200 most widely used STEM jobs for auction on Indeed are entry-level roles that don’t need a college degree, typically the most popular which are chiropractic assistant and patient care assistant.

Britain’s top 20 STEM recruiters

The NHS remains Britain’s greatest STEM recruiter, with Specsavers, PwC and Accenture also one of the 20 top STEM employers within the United kingdom.

Based on data in the United kingdom Commission for Employment and Skills this past year, 43pc of STEM vacancies are difficult to fill due to a lack of applicants using the needed experience and skills.

The main cause of this growing skills gap is education, from soccer practice right through to college, and workplace training, it found.

The very best-compensated jobs you will get with no college degree

Boost in older workers with jobs as retirement dates creep back 

Elderly personnel are fuelling Britain’s jobs miracle as increasing numbers of people delay retirement and work later in existence.

The use rate for individuals aged between 50 and 64 hit an archive a lot of 71.2pc within the three several weeks to June, and continued to be close at 71.1pc within the overlapping three several weeks to This summer.

This is extremely near to the national employment rate of 75.3pc, also is in a record high, work for National Statistics stated.

The quantity of over-65s in jobs are lower an impression around the past year but has almost bending in the last ten years and it is near to tripling in the last 2 decades.

It comes down as Britain’s unemployment rate fell to some fresh 42-year low of four.3pc, defying fears that slower economic growth would dent hiring.

Employment levels rose by 181,000 within the three several weeks to This summer, the most recent figures revealed a week ago. The unemployment level also fell to at least one.46m, the cheapest number since 2005.

The gap backward and forward rates now hovers round the four percentage point level, a stark contrast using the gap of seven.8pc about ten years ago and 12.2pc in 1997.

Like a proportion of individuals aged over 65, the use rates are up from 5pc in This summer 1997 to six.8pc in 2007 and 10pc now.

“There is further evidence that employers are meeting work demand to utilise older workers, with 195,000 more 50-64 year olds employed within the this past year,” stated the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development.

Pensions, taxes and benefits restrain pay 

Employers are having to pay more income to use workers before getting onto pay, as extra rules and expenses hit companies within the pocket.

To buy a average hourly wage for an organization within the three several weeks to This summer was up 1.2pc around the year.

By comparison non-wage costs elevated a lot more rapidly at 3.9pc, work for National Statistics stated.

Individuals include sickness, maternity and paternity pay, national insurance contributions and pension contributions.

Economists believe this really is one reason for weak pay growth.

“We’ve got autoenrolment in pensions, the apprenticeship levy, the nation’s living wage. Employers feel the discomfort because they’ve got many of these extra costs, which is on the top of imported inflation if they’re importing things from abroad,” said Alan Clarke, economist at Scotiabank.

“This has squeezed the common man in ways. You cannot obtain a pay hike in case your employer has to pay its other things.”

Since year 2000 non-wage costs have almost bending, rising by 99.1pc, the ONS stated.

Within the same period wage costs have risen by 61.8pc.

Wage pricing is the biggest element of the fee for hiring workers, however, so immediate and ongoing expenses of employment are up 66.3pc in the last 17 years.

Other factors will also be affecting wage growth.

The Financial Institution of England believes that a boost in the amount of low-skilled – and thus low-compensated – workers might have pulled lower the typical wage, as has development in relatively low compensated industries.

Because this transfer of the dwelling from the workforce involves an finish, wages may get again.

“Empirical estimates by Bank staff recommended these might have depressed annual development of average weekly earnings by around .7 percentage points,” the Bank’s Financial Policy Committee stated within the minutes of the week’s meeting.

“That may also suggest upward pressure on measured development of average wages because these effects unwound.”

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Things to tell a potential employer to get a pay rise before beginning a brand new job

While the majority of us are experiencing the nerve-racking task of asking our boss for any pay rise at some point during our working lives, many employees don’t understand that they’ll negotiate having a prospective employer before they can have a job.

According to a different study of just one,200 British workers, around 52pc of employees have haggled with your interviewer more than a job offer, having a further 72.8pc getting the offer they wanted.

When requested by job board CV-Library what key areas they’d negotiate on inside a job offer, respondents stated the salary, working hrs, flexible working, benefits and holiday allowance.

The information implies that pushing for additional money – rather than simply accepting the salary offered – could repay, and “it’s likely that your potential employer may have left some wiggle room with this,Inch states CV-Library founder Lee Biggins.

Mr Biggins told The Telegraph there are five steps to securing a pay rise before beginning a brand new job, and it has described what to tell your interviewer to ensure they are much more likely to acquiesce.

Pushing for additional money – rather than simply accepting the salary offered – could repay Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

1. Seek information

When trying to get jobs you ought to have a obvious concept of what salary you’re after, so it’s worth doing all of your research to look into the what is for an individual of the level, in your industry. This can generate a more powerful position with regards to the settlement stage.

Things to tell a potential employer: “While I’m presently earning £x, in my next position I’m searching for any step-up and would therefore wish to be compensated £x, that is reflective of the profession average for an individual of my level.”

2. Spend some time

You shouldn’t completely disregard an income offer immediately, even when it’s ridiculously low.

Telling the possibility employer you need to think about the package tends to buy both sides more time. Don’t succumb to pressure – it’s acceptable to invest a great couple of days considering your choices.

The typical salary within the United kingdom

What to state: “That’s just a little less than I had been wishing for. I’ve greater than five years’ experience and lots of others are providing similar level positions at £x greater. I simply need serious amounts of consider my options.”

3. Inquire if there’s any versatility

If you feel there’s room for settlement, a great way would be to ask whether there’s any versatility within their offer.

At this time, you have to be in a position to explain why you’re well worth the extra cash – whether that’s your experience, understanding or qualifications. Be ready to sell yourself.

Things to say: “Is there any versatility around the salary? I’m really looking forward to on offer this role however with my extensive experience and understanding of the profession, I had been searching for any position that compensated £x more.”

4. Think about the whole package

While wages are important, there are more factors that you ought to consider.

For instance, as the salary may be lower, does the organization offer many advantages, an ample pension plan, or the opportunity to work more flexibly? This will all be taken into consideration when deciding.

Best metropolitan areas in United kingdom for jobs

What to state:“Thank you for assembling this kind of exciting package for me personally – when we aren’t in a position to agree with a greater salary, I’m wondering whether I’d have the ability to secure a bigger holiday allowance? This could really influence by decision on whether or not to accept the sale or otherwise.Inches

5. Know when to step away

When the employer is negotiating along with you: great. This ensures they would like you. If they’re not playing ball, however, it’s most likely time for you to move back.

While it may be frustrating, it’s vital that you accept a package that reasonably meets your requirements and when it doesn’t it most likely wasn’t intended to be.

Things to say: “If you could offer £x I’d be happy to accept, nevertheless it doesn’t seem like we’re capable of meeting half-way about this one. Thanks a lot for that chance but I’m afraid I’ll need to nicely decline.”

Rated: The very best companies for selection interviews within the United kingdom

Public sector and construction hiring as Grenfell spurs worker demand

Confidence within the public sector jobs market has had its greatest jump in two years because of a escape from austerity politics following this year’s General Election, although a looming skills shortage could threaten employment figures.

Market research in excess of 2,000 British employers discovered that confidence among public sector firms had improved dramatically within the last three several weeks, prompting these to consider expanding their firms. Around 2pc of companies within the public sector plan to hire more and more people this season, a four-point rise and also the greatest increase since 2015.

Laptop computer, transported out by US recruitment firm Manpower, requested British companies about how exactly they see the roles market and whether or not they plan to expand their workforce in next season.

Across all sectors, the proportion of firms likely to improve their headcount this season was 6pc, thanks partly to record employment and continuing Brexit negotiations, a 1 percentage point rise in optimism throughout this season.

Laptop computer also found popular for construction workers, bucking the popularity which frequently sees construction work slow during the cold months several weeks.

James Hick, md for Manpower, stated more workers were needed to handle creates social housing stock following a fire at Grenfell Tower.

Grenfell Tower fire in pictures

“Our data suggests this may be the most powerful 4th quarter for hiring [within the construction industry] since 2005,” he stated. “Some of the jobs are the urgent testing and repair that’s being transported out up and lower the nation on a lot of Britain’s public housing stock.”

However, there have been also signs the aftereffect of temporary factors could mask the continuing skills shortage and squeeze on disposable earnings which threatens the use market later on.

Mr Hick stated: “The tough reality lurking beneath each one of these positive indicators is the fact that these hiring intentions might not arrived at fruition due to difficulties attracting and retaining skilled employees.”

David Willett, director in the Open College, cautioned that hiring continues to be difficult and advised employers to think about apprenticeships.

“Employers are battling to locate talent using the skills they might require – particularly with regards to transferable skills like management also it,Inches he stated.

“Instead of incurring the expense of recruiting new talent, organisations have to think about the potential inside their existing workforce, and employ possibilities like the apprenticeship levy for their advantage.”

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The United kingdom companies that appears to be suggested by their workers

Facebook has capped a summary of the United kingdom firms that are that appears to be suggested to buddies by their workers, because of its generous benefits and frequently high salaries.

Tech companies dominate the very best 10 list – compiled by jobs site Glassdoor – because they frequently offer bumper salaries and engaging perks, including unlimited holiday and free lunches.

The rankings derive from employers’ “recommend to some friend” rating from reviews left by current and former employees around to August 22, which are switched right into a percentage rating for every company.

Google, Salesforce and Expedia, that are regularly voted one of the better companies to get results for within the United kingdom according to factors for example job satisfaction, the performance of the leader and work-existence balance, also boast within the top ten most suggested list.

Top Ten worst companies to get results for based on their workers

One review left with a Salesforce worker reads: “Fantastic benefits when it comes to comprehensive healthcare, fitness reimbursement, education and training. Standard United kingdom holiday and new parental leave plan.”

A Facebook worker stated: “Fantastic benefits. Almost all you are able consider.”

David Whitby of Glassdoor, stated: “You wouldn’t eat inside a poorly rated restaurant or remain in expensive hotels that didn’t have good customer comments, why obtain a job in a company that is not strongly suggested through the people who already work there?”

The Ten most suggested British employers for 2017:

  1. Facebook: Recommend to some friend rating: 90pc
  2. ARM: Recommend to some friend rating: 89pc
  3. GE: Recommend to some friend rating: 89pc
  4. Google: Recommend to some friend rating: 88pc
  5. Expedia: Recommend to some friend rating: 88pc
  6. Salesforce: Recommend to some friend rating: 87pc
  7. Microsoft: Recommend to some friend rating: 84pc
  8. ‘cisco’ Systems: Recommend to some friend rating: 81pc
  9. Rackspace: Recommend to some friend rating: 78pc
  10. Chess ICT: Recommend to some friend rating: 78pc

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Student demand grows faster at universities with greater graduate salaries

British universities that boast high graduate salaries have experienced a bigger uptick in applications in the last 5 years than universities with lower average post-college wages, new information shows.

The information shows that students are more and more being attracted to institutions that may virtually guarantee they will receive a well-compensated job after graduation.

Based on property company Savills, which checked out UCAS application figures and linked them to graduate salaries, universities with greater graduate beginning salaries have seen considerably greater increases sought after from prospective students since 2012. 

For instance, Imperial College London graduates earn typically £30,600 within their which you may publish-graduation – more than £5,000 over the United kingdom average. And applications at Imperial have become by 22pc since 2012.

Graduates at The College of Bristol will continue to jobs that pay £2,700 excellent, and also the university has seen a 20pc increase in applications since 2012.

Southampton graduates earn £2,800 greater than average and applications there’ve grown 26pc, while Royal Holloway graduates earn £1,900 greater than the United kingdom average and applications have risen by 24pc.

Student college application figures are from the average graduate beginning earnings of that institution

On another finish from the spectrum, York St John, where graduates earn £20,300 each year typically, has witnessed its applications fall by 9pc since 2012.

Northampton College has witnessed its application figures fall 3pc in the last 5 years. Its graduates earn £3,200 underneath the United kingdom average. 

Lawrence Bowles of Savills stated: “For every difference of £1,000 in average graduate salary, applications increased by an additional 1.9pc.”

Recently, research in the IFS demonstrated that students entering college this season can get to manage financial obligations more than £50,000 after they graduate. “With your a higher liability, it’s no question students are flocking to universities with greater graduate salaries,” Mr Bowles stated.

Graduate jobs: Top Ten beginning salaries

RBS to chop around 900 IT jobs, states union

The Royal Bank of Scotland intends to cut around 900 tech jobs included in ongoing deep cost-cutting in the citizen-owned bank, union Unite has stated.

Unite has been briefed through the bank on plans because of its technology operations working in london as much as 2020 and states these involve cutting 40pc of permanent IT staff, equating to 650 jobs, and 65pc of contractors, or 230 roles.

The cuts could leave RBS with 950 full-time that it roles within the capital, the union stated, lower from 2,200 this past year.

But an RBS spokesman stressed the proposals were in a very initial phase, saying: “We haven’t consulted on any headcount reduction, rather discussing a direction of travel with Unite, that is susceptible to change.”

The spokesman added that although the financial institution was downsizing working in london it intends to “reinvest” in other areas from the United kingdom.

RBS share cost

The plans elevated analyst concerns about RBS’s dedication to moving out digital banking and looking after robust IT systems.

The Edinburgh-based loan provider has endured a raft from it problems lower time, including computer glitches that caused it to ditch intends to spin off and float Johnson & Glyn this past year.

Payment issues also have hit customers of RBS and it is subsidiaries NatWest and Ulster Bank three occasions in 5 years, having a 2012 crash resulting in two fines totaling £56m.

Laith Khalaf, senior analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, stated he fully expected further job losses at RBS, but was “surprised to determine them inside itInch.

He cautioned RBS was prone to have “lots of legacy systems behind the curtain that need IT knowhow to operate and merge them and cope with any problems”.

He added: “Basically were an RBS investor I’d be wishing to determine dedication to digitisation since it is the way forward for banking”.

However the RBS spokesman stated cuts were essential for its downsizing: “Inevitably as RBS turns into a simpler, smaller sized bank focussed around the United kingdom and Ireland, our technology function will undergo reorganisation and can reduce with time.Inches

Take advantage of MacGregor, Unite national officer, stated: “Unite is angry the massive proportions of IT job losses will sap morale, productivity and belief in the organization.”

RBS, which received a £45bn condition bailout in the height from the economic crisis and it is still 71pc of taxpayers, intends to cut £2bn in costs by 2020.

It’s already gone through radical downsizing because the loan provider refocuses on its real estate market. This past year it’d around 77,000 staff, lower from 226,000 in 2007.

RBS has cut around 2,000 of their United kingdom staff to date this season, mostly in the branch network. Its headcount in great britan in the finish of this past year was 57,000.

Earlier this month RBS published its first half-year profit in 3 years, prompting its leader Ross McEwan to comment there’s “light in the finish from the tunnel”.

But it’s unlikely to publish its first full-year profit inside a decade due to a multi-billion-dollar fine coming lower the tracks in america because of its participation within the subprime mortgage crisis.

Wilko puts 3,900 staff vulnerable to redundancy

Wilko is talking to with 3,900 employees in regards to a shake-from shop staffing roles, the most recent store in the last week to axe jobs among rising costs along with a tough buying and selling atmosphere.

The worth store stated it had become stripping out an amount of supervision roles across its stores within the United kingdom but would create 1,000 new senior roles included in the changes along with a significant number of customer support roles. 

Anthony Houghton, Wilko retail director, stated the move was essential to ensure “all retail operations are fit for future yearsInch. Mr Houghton added that despite growing customer figures and efforts to lessen costs, the cruel landscape meant it had become dragging profits lower.

Wilko’s consultation with staff will run until October and can affect “thousands” of store staff, based on Retail Week, which first reported the staffing change. 

Wilko’s newest accounts demonstrate that its pre-tax profits crashed by 80pc around to The month of january 28, following a £12.9m hit from the begin costs connected using the sterling slump following a EU Referendum. Wilko also criticised the development of the nation’s Living Wage, so it stated “was well above expected levels” and had hurt discount retailers.

Mr Houghton stated the changes to staffing were the “legacy of retail structures that created complexity to handle which aren’t simple, fair or transparent for the team people. The more, recently defined store structure can give teams greater variety inside their roles and lead to more team hrs around the shop floor, delivering a much better customer experience”.

Wilko follows Asda the 2009 week in announcing that countless jobs might be in danger because the supermarket intends to make changes to 18 underperforming stores.

Sainsbury’s is also taking the axe to greater than 1,000 jobs at its mind office included in a huge £500m cost-cutting drive, as revealed through the Sunday Telegraph.

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The 12 greatest-rated companies within the United kingdom for work-existence balance

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