Kansas’s ravaged economy a cautionary tale as Trump plans huge tax cuts for wealthy

Is Jesse Trump going to turn America into Kansas? It’s an issue some worried people who reside in the condition are asking because the Republican party pushes with the greatest tax overhaul inside a generation – a change that, they’re saying, bears an uncanny resemblance to some tax plan that left their midwestern home out of balance.

Following a unsuccessful economic experiment designed to boost economic growth blew an opening within the Kansas budget as large as a prairie sky (a $350m deficit in the present fiscal year and nearly $600m within the next) condition jobs and services happen to be slashed.

Prison pads are discussing stab vests in the El Dorado maximum security prison in southern Kansas. In the finish of the shift, the sweat-drenched vests, worn all day long inside a facility without ac, are passed to another person by pads, a lot of whom are coming off 12- or 16-hour shifts.

accustomed to maintain 1,200 miles of road annually has become repairing 200 miles annually. Even just in the main city, Topeka, potholes abound.

The crisis follows the 2012 passage of the tax plan by Kansas governor Mike Brownback he dubbed “the march to zero”.

Individual condition tax rates dropped from 6.4% to 4.9% – using the aim of eliminating them altogether eventually. Taxes were eliminated on so-known as go through entities – companies where taxes are collected in the rate from the business proprietor and never in the corporate rate. The program provides a “shot of adrenaline” towards the Kansas economy, Brownback claimed.

Lisa Ochs, president of American Federation of Teachers-Kansas. “I just hope the country can listen to us. Don’t do what we did.” Lisa Ochs, president of yankee Federation of Teachers-Kansas. “I just hope the nation can pay attention to us. Don’t do what we should did.” Photograph: Dominic Rushe for that Protector

Rather, the state’s revenues collapsed. Wealthy people who was simply having to pay high taxes grew to become “pass-through entities”. The state’s coffers emptied and also the guaranteed economic miracle unsuccessful to materialize.

Lisa Ochs, president from the American Federation of Teachers-Kansas, stated Brownback’s plan’s a scale type of Trump’s plans. He, too, promises to cut taxes for companies and provide big breaks towards the wealthy inside a plan he states will give you “rocket fuel” for that American economy.

“There was not ever a go of adrenaline. Contrary, that shot place the condition on existence support,” she stated. “It’s exactly the same factor that Trump says: there’s likely to be tremendous job growth. Well, that didn’t happen either. It’s likely to take a whole generation to undo this damage.”

Ochs stated: “I just hope the nation can pay attention to us. Don’t do what we should did.”

Job development in the condition lags behind neighboring Missouri. The cuts to pass through-through companies gave some small companies a little tax break – but didn’t spark the guaranteed hiring boom.

The backlash is becoming so fierce that condition employers take notice. Staff in the woefully understaffed Larned Condition hospital were lately cautioned not to speak with the press or their very own legislators.

Hospital executives have since tried to “clarify” the memo and dropped the directive – quarrelling it had been never designed to silence workers. Workers, however, say there’s a obvious intent to prevent them for reporting in.

One local hospital worker stated: “There is really a climate of fear. There are just three major employers my home: the condition, Walmart and Lakemary Center [a center for kids with intellectual/developmental disabilities]. It’s challenging employment here.” The worker gave their name however the Protector made the decision to withhold it for anxiety about jeopardizing the person’s job.

Sarah LaFrenz Falk, president from the Kansas Organization of Condition Employees ,who lately spoke to Congress about her fears concerning the Republican tax plan, stated she sees an idea within the Brownback plan – one that’s reflected in Trump’s plan: give huge regulations and tax breaks to super-wealthy contributors [the rightwing, union-bashing Koch siblings are Kansas’s wealthiest residents], then hands them another win by cutting services, awaiting individuals services to buckle underneath the strain after which argue the non-public sector can perform it better.

“They did what their contributors wanted,” LaFrenz Falk stated. Seeing exactly the same plan enacted on the national scale is “very frightening,” she stated. “History is full of types of cultures that permitted the rich to consider over and didn’t remember concerning the rest. What goes on next? It doesn’t finish well. So how exactly does that appear to be inside a country without any gun control?”

Kansas has had one terrible illustration of private enterprise failure. In October lawmakers were “flabbergasted” to understand the firms that now run Kansan promote homes had “lost” greater than 70 children. Revelations concerning the unaccounted children came after it had been revealed children have been left to settle local contractors’ offices as their weren’t any places on their behalf.

The condition is presently searching to privatise its largest prison, at Lansing, near Might. CoreCivic, the organization overseeing construction from the new prison, is susceptible to lawsuits in six states and it was accused by condition officials of grossly under-staffing facilities in Tennessee.

One prison guard who spoke towards the Protector stated the prison system is at the worst condition they’d observed inside a 30-year career. Following the condition battled to employ pads, the minimum age for hiring was dropped from 21 to 18. Couple of from the guard’s colleagues in a local women’s prison are actually older than 21. “They are searching after ladies who are of sufficient age to become their moms or grandmothers,” the guard stated. “During the current recession we’d cutbacks, however it never was badly because it is now,” he stated.

Sarah LaFrenz Falk, president elect of Kansas Organization of State Employees. “They did what their donors wanted.” Sarah LaFrenz Falk, president elect of Kansas Organization of Condition Employees. “They did what their contributors wanted.” Photograph: Dominic Rushe for that Protector

The facts of Trump’s tax plan continue to be labored out, however it looks sure to pass, and also the fixed positions are big corporate regulations and tax breaks along with a massive reduction for pass-through entities.

Based on the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation, the advantages clearly skew towards the wealthy. By 2027, when a lot of its short-term regulations and tax breaks will expired, every earnings group below $75,000 would face tax increases, typically. Corporate tax cuts and advantages to the wealthy, such as the abolition of inheritance tax, would remain.

The balance looks set to include $1tn towards the national debt. Republicans happen to be discussing having to pay for that plan by cutting social security and gutting Medicare and State medicaid programs, the 2 federally funded medical health insurance schemes.

But, worryingly for Trump, Brownback’s tax plan demonstrated not only disastrous for that condition but in addition for Brownback and the supporters.

Kaira Pendergrast runs Kansas Speaks, a condition-wide poll exhaust Fort Hays College. Even just in 2010, when Kansas’s tax plan was still being only a twinkle in Brownback’s glassy eyes, he didn’t possess a popular mandate, he stated. “There was some support for decreasing tax, but he didn’t possess a mandate,” stated Pendergrast. “More Kansans supported decreasing property taxes and purchasers taxes.”

In Kansas opinion on taxing top earners is split across party lines but many people believe taxes should increase or stay In Kansas opinion on taxing top earners is split across party lines but many people believe taxes should increase or stay

Now most people in Kansas – of whatever political persuasion – think taxes on the top earners ought to be elevated or at best stay, a view which has strengthened with time. Some 45% wanted earnings taxes of top earners to increase this year, when from the latest poll which had risen to 60%, this inside a condition where basically two counties voted for Trump. Most think taxes on corporations ought to be elevated or stay.

The more the tax cuts were in position, the greater informed the electorate grew to become, stated Pendergrast, and also the more they made the decision it wasn’t working. “Republicans generally shouldn’t pay taxes,” stated Pendergrast. “When a condition can’t meet its obligations, people realize there are things you need to do and stuff you can’t,” he stated.

With regards to large corporations there’s less sympathy across all party lines With regards to large corporations there’s less sympathy across all party lines

Trump’s tax plan too is polling badly even prior to it being finalised. Up to 50 % (49%) of individuals conscious of the measure stated they opposed it, up from 41% in October, based on a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Local, Republican, commentators also have emerge against it and pressed their senators to bar it – with no success. A Might Star editorial known as Trump’s plan the “evil twin” from the Brownback plan. “Newsflash in the Heartland: This won’t finish well,” authored the paper’s editorial board.

The paper’s columnist Steve Rose, who described themself like a “Bob Dole Republican” authored: “To sell this massive tax cut for companies and also the wealthy like a boon towards the middle-class is definitely an outright distortion. And also to claim the balance isn’t a trillion-dollar-plus budget buster will be an bald-faced lie, or individuals who support it live in exactly the same fairytale as Kansas governor Mike Brownback.”

Brownback’s plan brought to electoral defeat for his supporters in 2016, and also the election of moderate Republicans he’d fought against with to pass through his plan. His political career has become in limbo. Trump had drawn on him to become his ambassador-at-large for worldwide religious freedom however that appointment appears to possess gone right into a holding pattern – despite recent protestation that his plan labored.

“Sometimes things need to get terrible before they alter,” stated Ochs. “The lesson we ought to originate from Kansas is you can put reasonable people together to operate together to locate solutions. That’s something Kansas needs at this time. Frankly, it’s something which the nation needs.”

Trump states Wells Fargo’s penalties for ‘bad acts’ might be ‘substantially increased’

December 8, 2017

Trump was apparently talking about a Reuters story published Thursday that stated the customer Financial Protection Bureau, lately absorbed with a Trump appointee, was reviewing if the bank should should pay potentially millions of dollars for mortgage lending abuse. Wells Fargo has acknowledged it incorrectly billed some customers charges to secure lower home loan rates and stated it might issue refunds. Wells Fargo declined to discuss the president’s tweet.

The CFPB’s former director, Richard Cordray, decided to settlement terms with the organization before resigning recently, based on Reuters, which reported three anonymous sources. However the “Wells Fargo sanctions take presctiption ice” under Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s pick to guide the company, Reuters stated.

In the tweet Friday morning, Trump searched for to eliminate the concept the financial institution might be free.

“We can’t discuss pending enforcement matters,” John Czwartacki, a senior advisor in the CFPB, stated inside a statement. “However, ought to be principle, Acting Director Mulvaney shares the President’s firm dedication to punishing bad actors and protecting Americans.Inches

Mulvaney, even the White-colored House budget director, stated a week ago he was reviewing the agency’s ongoing investigations and lawsuits. “I am searching each and every of individuals with an individual basis,” he stated.

Trump’s tweet alarmed some legal experts, who stated he shouldn’t be hitting the scales around the work of the independent agency. Mulvaney’s capability to put on two hats — director from the Office of Management and Budget and acting mind from the CFPB — has elevated concerns among some consumer advocates and Democrats. In the OMB, Mulvaney is really a political appointee, susceptible to being fired when needed by Trump. But in the CFPB, he’s a effective independent financial regulator who are able to make nearly unilateral decisions affecting mortgages, charge cards, accounts and lots of other lending options, legal experts have stated.

Trump makes moving back banking rules he states have hindered economic growth a vital focus of his administration, but he’s been belittled to be too cozy with Wall Street executives he once guaranteed to control.

“The president shouldn’t be commenting on which ‘will’ take place in a continuing analysis, especially in an independent agency that shouldn’t be reporting to him,” said Lauren Saunders, affiliate director from the National Consumer Law Center. “I appreciate his recognition that severe penalties are warranted when information mill caught cheating, but rules to outlaw unfair practices will also be essential in industries where abuses are rampant.”

Together with his tweet, Trump has thrust themself into two most contentious issues facing the banking sector this season: whether Bay Area-based Wells Fargo has compensated enough because of its newest misdeeds and if the Trump administration would considerably weaken the CFPB, a watchdog agency setup following the global financial trouble.

Trump’s tweet likely reflects the large bank, which declined to comment, will stay a political punching bag for a while. The financial institution continues to be pressurized since acknowledging this past year it had opened up countless fake accounts customers didn’t want or need. Wells Fargo has compensated nearly $200 million in fines and penalties for that incident, however, many lawmakers and consumer advocates have stated it ought to should pay more.

“This shows how politically difficult it’s to affiliate with a really large bank on the policy issue. The very best move politically should be to party the greatest bank. Obama essentially knows this,Inches Jaret Seiberg, financial services analyst at Cowen Research Group, authored inside a note on Friday.

“We check this out like a purely political move divorced in the broader issue of whether penalties from the scale the CFPB have been contemplating are warranted.”

Complicating matters is always that the leadership from the CFPB was tossed into limbo recently after Cordray resigned and stated his chief of staff, Leandra British, would function as acting director. Trump hired Mulvaney towards the publish hrs later. Both British and Mulvaney now tell you they are acting director from the agency, along with a federal judge has scheduled a 12 ,. 22 hearing around the issue.

On Friday, dueling categories of Democratic and Republican attorneys general from the 3 states and also the District of Columbia filed friend-of-the-court briefs meant for and opposition to English’s suit, correspondingly.

Democrats, brought by D.C. Attorney General Karl A. Racine (D) and representing 18 states, including California, Illinois and New You are able to, contended that allowing Trump’s appointment of Mulvaney to face would undermine the bureau’s independence and violate the Dodd-Frank act creating the CFBP’s type of succession.

Racine reported the agency’s handling in excess of a million complaints, return of nearly $12 billion to consumers, and settlements with banks, collectors along with other banking institutions, and it is recent action against allegedly predatory actions by for-profit colleges.

“The CFPB is a crucial partner in protecting consumers within the District and elsewhere, so we won’t uphold watching it become yet another arm of the administration which has shown much more interest in corporate interests than everyday consumers,” Racine stated. “We believe what the law states and justice are great.Inches

Individually, eight states, including Texas, West Virginia, Alabama and Arkansas, backed the president’s authority to mention the acting director, citing a federal appellate court in claiming the CFPB mind possess more unilateral authority than any single commission or board member in almost any other independent federal agency.

Staff author Spencer S. Hsu led to this report.

Interest in renewable power prompts Whirlpool to chop 12,000 jobs

Whirlpool will cut 12,000 jobs in the power division as renewable power siphons demand from coal along with other non-renewable fuels.

The organization stated Thursday the cuts to both office and production jobs can help “right-size” GE Power inside a traditional power market that’s being upended globally.

The cuts, representing 18 percent of jobs at GE Power, will occur largely outdoors the U . s . States.

Many come in Europe, where other energy companies have previously announced reductions.

GE intends to cut 1,400 of their 4,200 positions in Europe within the next 2 yrs, the organization stated. While no facilities are anticipated to shut in Europe, the organization stated the GE Power Conversion unit in Berlin and GE Grid Solutions in Moenchengladbach, Germany, could be closed.

GE intends to trim its German workforce by 1,600 positions.

Other German facilities which may be affected have been in Mannheim, Stuttgart and Kassel, the organization stated.

While President Trump has promised to bring back the country’s unhappy coal industry, similar disruptions towards the power company take place everywhere.

Power information mill leaving coal because of ecological rules that have established yourself or anticipated, and for economic reasons.

The price of cleaner-burning gas, solar along with other alternative powers is constantly on the fall.

Which has had a massive effect on workers within the power generation industry.

Data released through the Bls in October suggests the very best-growing job classification within the next nine years is going to be solar photovoltaic installers. Wind generator service technicians arrived at No. 2.

Most power generation within the U . s . States comes from non-renewable fuels, however the balance is shifting.

The Trump administration has guaranteed to boost nuclear and coal-fired power plants, despite the fact that individuals facilities are now being upon the market in a steady pace. Numerous former federal energy regulators came out from the administration’s plans, calling it one step backward.

Altering habits have reduced the ability that’s ingested in most households, as has more effective technology.

GE stated reducing the amount of positions, together with actions taken captured, can help GE Power, located in Atlanta, trim costs by $1 billion in 2018.

GE is searching to lessen overall structural costs by $3.5 billion in 2017 and 2018.

“This decision was painful but essential for GE Power to reply to the disruption within the power market, that is driving considerably lower volumes in services and products,Inches Russell Stokes, leader of GE Power, stated inside a statement.

— Connected Press

Out-of-pocket health spending in 2016 elevated in the fastest rate inside a decade

Health Matters, are seen as the authoritative introduction to American healthcare spending and therefore are prepared every year through the Centers for Medicare and State medicaid programs Services.

The general rate of rise in healthcare spending possessed a slight slowdown over the year before, driven partly through the expected moderation in growth following the growth of insurance policy with the Affordable Care Act. There is additionally a sharp decrease in the development of prescription medication expenses, as hepatitis C treatment costs have declined and less people are receiving them.

But as spending growth slowed, health expenses ingested a largest part of the economy, with health expenses creating 17.9 % share of gdp in 2016.

The slowdown in spending growth — a 4.3 % rise in 2016, carrying out a 5.8 percent growth the year before — stemmed from alterations in an extensive variety of healthcare sectors.

That ranged from slower development in State medicaid programs spending after the surge in enrollment brought on by the Affordable Care Act expansion, to some marked slowdown in prescription medication spending growth that were pressed greater through the approval of the new, costly strategy to hepatitis C in 2013.

A shift toward insurance plans that transfer a lot of burden of healthcare costs onto patients helped fuel the increase in out-of-pocket costs. In 2016, 29 percent of people that receive insurance through employers were signed up for high-deductible plans, up from 20 % in 2014. How big the deductibles also elevated over this time around period, a 12 % rise in 2016 for individual plans, in contrast to a 7 % rise in 2014.

Out-of-pocket spending increased probably the most on medical equipment and supplies and decreased slightly for prescription medications, based on the analysis.

Probably the most noticeable change would be a big slowdown in prescription medication spending growth, which composed 10 % from the total spending, or $328.6 billion. (That spending number doesn’t include drugs administered by physicians or hospitals.)

That decrease highlights the result that costly new treatments utilized by large figures of individuals might have on national spending. A new generation of costly hepatitis C drugs drove national drug spending 12.4 % greater in 2014 and eight.9 % greater in 2015. In 2016, the prescription medication spending elevated by 1.3 %, nearer to the rates within the years prior to the new drugs were approved.

The authors from the report attributed that trend not simply to hepatitis C drugs. There have been also less new, brand drugs approved in 2016 — 22 new drugs, in contrast to 45 the year before. Take into consideration would be a slowdown within the development of paying for insulin, a lifesaving drug for those who have diabetes, in Medicare.

Insulin prices have been under intense scrutiny as drugmakers have elevated their email list prices of insulin while claiming the real cost to patients has continued to be flat because of discounts and rebates

Healthcare spending continues to be buffeted by unusual changes in the past decade. There is a historic slowdown in growth because of the Great Recession, and so the Affordable Care Act’s growth of insurance coverage fueled spending.

The authors stated the 2010 trend of slower growth might be a sign that things were coming back to normalcy.

“Future health expenditure trends are anticipated to become mostly affected by alterations in economic conditions and census, as has in the past been the situation,” the authors authored.

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Agreement aims in order to save Georgia nuclear project after regulators warn about cost

Georgia Power stated Tuesday it had arrived at a contract with Toshiba to hurry up a $3.2 billion payment to assist salvage two nuclear reactors being built in Georgia.

Underneath the agreement, Toshiba can make the instalments by 12 ,. 15 with respect to its nuclear construction subsidiary Westinghouse, that is in personal bankruptcy.

The agreement was disclosed four days after three staff people from the Georgia Public Service Commission stated the work in the Vogtle power station “is no more economic” given huge cost overruns, construction delays and also the burden that might be put on ratepayers while the organization profits. The PSC commissioners will decide in Feb whether or not to allow the project move forward.

The Trump administration has promised $3.7 billion in new loan guarantees for that set of reactors — although the administration is advocating Congress to get rid of the power Department’s loan guarantee programs. The administration and Congress will work on methods to grandfather within the new loan guarantees for that nuclear reactors and for a sizable chemical plant in Lake Charles, La.

The Vogtle project, whose cost estimates have ballooned from $14 billion in 2008 to roughly $23 billion, used to be seen included in a wave of recent nuclear power stations. Today the 2 reactors would be the only ones being built within the U . s . States, as well as their completion date continues to be pressed to 2021.

Construction was stopped on two reactors in Sc captured.

The price overruns overwhelmed Westinghouse, a storied name within the nuclear power business which had touted its AP1000 plant design like a advance on price and safety.

Georgia Power, a subsidiary of Southern Company that owns 46 percent from the Vogtle reactor project, stated Tuesday that it is agreement with Toshiba is susceptible to japan electronics giant’s board, but Toshiba lately elevated $5.4 billion inside a purchase of recent shares because of its U.S. nuclear unit.

However, the Georgia PSC’s public-interest advocacy staff authored the economic costs from the nuclear reactors would over-shadow the advantages by $1.6 billion.

Employees advised the commission to bar rate increases for costs because of mismanagement, the Westinghouse personal bankruptcy and construction delays. “It is not reasonable for ratepayers to need to bear elevated costs because of the Units not built efficiently,” employees report stated.

Georgia, Mississippi and Sc are some of the couple of states where utilities are permitted to inquire about ratepayers to cover an electrical plant prior to the plant is on the internet and producing power, however the utilities must get approval in the states’ public service commissions.

Georgia Power’s share from the costs has roughly bending to $12.2 billion, with $8.8 billion for construction and $3.4 billion for financing. The commission staff believed that ratepayers would finish up having to pay $4.5 billion of this.

Initially the organization planned on receiving production tax credits from the us government, however the 68-month delay within the schedule means it will not finish over time to entitled to the credits. The work partners may also lose bonus depreciation benefits. Georgia Power stated inside a statement Tuesday it had become still thinking about the credits, whose implementation date could be altered by Congress.

Even when the organization qualifies for that credits, however, the general public service commission staff noted the decline in the organization tax rate that Congress is weighing would cut back the need for individuals tax credits from $1.1 billion to $900 million.

The Trump administration wants restaurant workers to talk about tips. Opponents fear bosses will snatch them.

inside a statement Monday.

The rule would apply simply to businesses that pay tipped employees a minimum of the government minimum wage of $7.25 an hour or so and permit compensation discussing via a “tip pool” with workers who usually don’t encounter the additional cash, for example cooks and dishwashers.

“These ‘back from the house’ employees lead towards the overall customer experience, but might receive less compensation than their typically tipped co-workers,” the department stated.

Federal law has lengthy banned companies from forcing workers to split tips along with other employees when the tipped workers don’t receive base pay with a minimum of the minimum wage. The Federal government expanded this protection this year to pay for all tipped workers — moving which was challenged in federal court.

Restaurant industry groups commended Monday’s step toward scrapping the regulation.

“We applaud the Department of Labor’s overview of tip rules,” stated Angelo Amador, executive director from the Restaurant Law Center, inside a statement. “We expect to submitting comments in the restaurant industry around the new rulemaking.”

However the decision triggered a backlash among worker advocates, who contended the Trump administration’s move paves the way for businesses to soak up their employees’ tips.

Heidi Shierholz, senior economist in the Economic Policy Institute, a left-leaning think tank in Washington, stated the rule leaves room for employers to help keep the guidelines on their own, as lengthy because the tipped employees earn basics minimum wage.

“This will be a big change in money from workers to employers,” stated Shierholz, who formerly labored for Obama’s Labor Department. “The restaurant industry has wanted this forever. They need so that you can capture tips.”

Christine Owens, executive director from the National Employment Law Project, also condemned your time and effort.

“If companies find it difficult retaining non-tipped workers as their pay is really low, the answer is perfect for the businesses to boost the wages of individuals workers,” she stated inside a statement, “not for that Labor Department to rig the guidelines so employers can basically steal earnings from tipped workers to subsidize the businesses’ low-wage model.”

The median hourly wage for restaurant servers is $9.61, based on the latest figures in the Bls. Dishwashers, meanwhile, typically make $10 an hour — the same as bartenders, the federal government data shows.

Waiters in upscale restaurants frequently earn considerably greater than behind-the-scenes staffers. The greatest-compensated may take home about $20 an hour or so including tips, based on the BLS. But most servers within the U . s . States make under $20,000 each year.

Paul DeCamp, a Washington lawyer who represents the nation’s Restaurant Association and formerly labored for that Plant administration’s Labor Department, stated pooled tips are actually  methods to support more lower-compensated workers, who work in the kitchen area, for instance.

“You begin to see the people right in front of the home making two times exactly what the people at the back of the home are earning,Inches he stated. “It’s a genuine disparity.”

DeCamp ignored concerns that restaurants would pocket the guidelines. He stated restaurants that abuse pooled tips could face economic effects, including greater worker turnover and lawsuits.

“If you have restaurants where you have tipped employees, however the restaurants are keeping all of the tips, you aren’t likely to have individuals tipped employees any longer,” he stated.

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CVS concurs to purchase Aetna in $69 billion deal that may change health-care industry

Pharmacy chain operator CVS Health Corp stated on 12 ,. 3 it’d decided to acquire health insurer Aetna Corporation for $69 billion, trying to tackle soaring healthcare spending through lower-cost medical services in pharmacies. (Reuters)

Pharmacy giant CVS Health has decided to buy Aetna inside a $69 billion blockbuster acquisition that may control healthcare costs and transform its 9,700 pharmacy storefronts into community medical hubs for primary care and fundamental procedures, the companies announced Sunday mid-day.

The pharmacy chain decided to buy Aetna for around $207 per share, damaged lower into $145 in cash and also the rest available. The offer — the greatest health-care merger announced in at least a year — is anticipated to shut within the other half of 2018, subject to approval by shareholders and regulators.

If approved, the mega-merger would produce a giant consumer healthcare company having a familiar presence in a large number of communities. Aetna leader Mark T. Bertolini described the vision within an interview as “developing a new door for healthcare in the usa.Inch

“You want to catch up with towards the community, because all healthcare is local,” Bertolini stated. “What would draw people into an Aetna store? Most likely not really a lot. We looked for the best type of partnership.”

CVS provides an extensive selection of health services to Aetna’s 22 million medical people at its nationwide network of pharmacies and walk-in clinics, and additional reduce the pharmacy titan’s reliance upon the retail sales which have faced growing competition.

“Imaginable a global where healthcare is much better designed around those who utilize it, which is among the challenges we’ve today,” CVS leader Ray J. Merlo stated within an interview. Included in the deal, Bertolini would join the CVS board and Aetna could be run like a standalone business unit.

The offer will probably trigger much more mergers within the health-care industry, that has been undergoing consolidation and faces potential new competition from Amazon . com. It might position Aetna to become more as good as UnitedHealth Group, the nation’s largest insurer, that has already expanded  beyond its core business into pharmacy care services, clinics and surgery care centers and healthcare data.

“It can create more consolidation one of the insurers and retailers, blurring the lines,” stated Ana Gupte, an analyst at Leerink Partners, who lately pointed to retail giants Walgreens Boots Alliance or Walmart as potential “dark horse acquirers” from the health insurer Humana.

Wall Street analysts have said  the offer could lower health spending — if, for instance, CVS can push people to use walk-in clinics rather of emergency rooms for minor problems. But consumer advocates argue the offer would limit consumer choice and may allow it to be even tougher for new companies to initiate an industry increasingly dominated by behemoth companies.

Before the announcement, the familiar pharmacy chain continues to be a dominant player within the big business of negotiating drug prices for insurers and employees. The merger will give CVS an even broader role in managing healthcare.

The combined company could leverage massive levels of data from both Aetna’s medical claims and CVS’s multitude of touchpoints to consumers, including its 9,700 stores and 1,100 MinuteClinics.

CVS intends to transform its locations into a type of community health hub, where pharmacists and nurses can offer follow-up and monitoring to patients lately released from hospital — reviewing and managing their medications and helping these to avoid the hospital. (Hospital readmissions are seen as an major, avoidable cost in healthcare).

The storefronts may also transform preventative care, offering wellness, diet, vision, hearing along with other medical services — saving costs by continuing to keep people healthier and supplying care inside a lower-cost setting than the usual hospital.

Pharmacists and nurses could help make certain patients with chronic illnesses remain on their meds and supply counseling between doctor’s visits, which may keep individuals conditions in charge.

Bertolini and Merlo stated the mixture could essentially transform consumers’ experience with healthcare. Typically, insurers set up obstacles, for example co-pays or documents that should be posted with a physician, to be able to make certain that medical services and medicines aren’t being misused. Individuals barriers might be eliminated or reduced as CVS pharmacists and nurses labored using the patient straight to make certain these were obtaining the right treatments and many effective care.

“Every health insurance company wants to catch up with towards the consumer,” stated Dan Mendelson, president of Avalere Health, a talking to firm. “If your patient is much better off through getting a house health trip to have somebody undergo their medications to take them of 10 and eliminate individuals medications, I would like that to occur — instead of someone just filling prescriptions.”

The merger would also better insulate CVS and Aetna against looming competition on two fronts.

The mere possibility that Amazon . com will quickly begin selling drugs has shaken the stocks of companies up and lower the drug logistics, from wholesalers to pharmacies. The offer would expand CVS’s business beyond the process of selling drugs and negotiating drug prices, in managing every aspect of a patient’s health — and may shift its storefronts to get medical hubs, instead of aisles stocked with consumer products which people can certainly buy in other stores or online.

The offer would  safeguard against competition from health insurers, particularly UnitedHealth Group, which have introduced the process of negotiating drugs in-house rather of purchasing services from the middleman. It will effectively eliminate the middleman in negotiating drug prices for health insurers, since CVS is the fact that middleman today, and secure Aetna’s medical people for that pharmacy management side of CVS’s business.

The care space has gone through considerable consolidation – however it has additionally faced challenges. This past year, two medical health insurance mega-mergers between Aetna and Humana and Anthem and Cigna crumbled under antitrust opposition. However a merger between firms that don’t directly compete is believed by many people to possess a better chance.

“They’re going so that you can provide you with a better-functioning insurance package,” stated Craig Garthwaite, affiliate professor of strategy at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. “There’s some sense by which we’re visiting a reshuffling from the business structure, so that insurers are owning providers.”

That fundamental restructuring belongs to a business-wide escape from managing different factors of patient care – for example drugs or hospitalization – in isolation.

Martin Gaynor, a professor of financial aspects and health policy at Carnegie Mellon College, stated that although a CVS-Aetna merger didn’t strike him as an offer that will clearly reduce competition, it had not been obvious why the businesses required to combine whatsoever, since CVS already has Aetna’s business like a pharmacy benefit manager.

“A big question mark for me personally is when will it result in the merged company better,” Gaynor stated. “I question about many of these mergers, whether they’re really driven with a true rise in the lengthy-term worth of the organization — instead of seeking a brief-term bump available prices.”

David Balto, an old policy director in the Ftc who brought a coalition opposing the insurance coverage mergers, said he thought the merger would cut back competition and harm consumers.

He pointed towards the Justice Department’s recent challenge of the different merger – between AT&T and Time Warner – as evidence that such mergers could raise antitrust concerns.

“For individuals those who have spent endless hrs in lengthy lines at CVS stores, trying to puzzle out how you can meditate while standing, this merger isn’t good news. This means, more and more, they’re likely to be forced into individuals lengthy lines. CVS doesn’t win points on service, and it is these types of vertical relationships that raise prices, and deny selections for consumers,” Balto stated.

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CVS to purchase Aetna for $69 Billion inside a Deal that could Reshape the Industry


CVS Health stated on Sunday it had decided to buy Aetna for around $69 billion inside a deal that will combine the pharmacy giant and among the greatest health insurers within the U . s . States and can reshape the nation’s healthcare industry.

The transaction, among the largest of the season, reflects the more and more blurred lines between your typically separate spheres of the quickly altering industry to represent an attempt to create both companies more desirable to consumers as healthcare which was once delivered inside a doctor’s office more frequently reaches consumers over the telephone, in a retail clinic or with an application.

The merger comes at any given time of turbulent transformation in healthcare. Insurers, hospitals and pharmacy information mill bracing themselves for any possible disruption in government programs like Medicare because of the Republicans’ intend to cut taxes. Congress remains in an impasse over the way forward for the Affordable Care Act, while employers and individuals are battling underneath the weight of rising medical costs, such as the soaring cost of prescription medications. And rapid alterations in technology have elevated the threat of new competitors — most particularly Amazon . com.

A combined CVS-Aetna could position itself like a formidable estimate this altering healthcare landscape. Together, the 2 companies touch the majority of the fundamental health services that individuals regularly use, supplying an chance to profit consumers. CVS operates a series of pharmacies and retail clinics that may be utilized by Aetna to supply care straight to patients, as the merged company might be able to better offer employers one-stop searching for medical health insurance for his or her workers.

But while consumers may need a far more integrated type of health care, critics worry that buyers may also find their choices dramatically limited. The offer risks departing patients with less selection of where you’ll get care or fill a prescription if individuals with Aetna insurance have to visit CVS for a lot of their care.

On Sunday, the 2 companies emphasized remarkable ability to change CVS’s 10,000 pharmacy and clinic locations right into a community-based sites of care that might be much less costly for patients.

“We consider it as being developing a new door to healthcare in the usa,Inches CVS Health’s leader, Ray J. Merlo, stated within an interview.

The merger would establish a different way of delivering care, with nurses, pharmacists yet others open to counsel people regarding their diabetes or perform the lab work essential to identify an ailment, Mr. Merlo stated. “We know the largest healthcare less expensive and fewer costly,” he stated.

Mark T. Bertolini, Aetna’s leader, stated that by utilizing CVS’s locations, the organization can offer individuals with an easy method of being able to access health care.

“It’s within their community. It’s within their home,” he stated. He added, “CVS has got the draw. People trust their pharmacist.”

It’s the growth and development of community-based clinics — able to deliver care using the technology and health information offered by both sides — that may end up being the greatest change introduced concerning the deal.

Anticipation could be consumers wouldn’t only have the ability to see savings by visiting a store to look at an aching throat but additionally have better oversight of the chronic illness, for example diabetes or cardiovascular disease. They might get suggestions about lose weight fast, or undergo tests to watch their own health.

“If they are able to drive the adoption from the care delivery model, that’s an issue,Inches stated Ana Gupte, a senior healthcare analyst for Leerink Partners.

The merger agreement came as the second factor weighs point of interest of within the healthcare industry: Amazon . com, that has been rumored to become get yourself ready for an entry in to the pharmacy business. Shaun Bezos, the Amazon . com leader, and the e-commerce juggernaut have previously overturned many industries: book buying, retail shopping, groceries and Hollywood, using fierce customer loyalty and huge achieve as cudgels against incumbent players.

But CVS and Aetna have experienced a company partnership dating back to seven years, and also have continuously converged into similar visions of methods the healthcare industry was evolving. Conversations in regards to a much deeper bond eventually crystallized into deal talks in the last two several weeks, according to someone with direct understanding from the discussions.

Although neither leader pointed out Amazon . com by name, both stated that the things they were creating would be a compelling chance by itself.

“Chasing our competitors has not been an answer,Inches Mr. Bertolini stated. He added, “Our competitors is going to do the things they’re doing.Inches

A lot of companies are trying to find shelter within the arms of the former adversaries, with well-known medical groups such as the Cleveland Clinic joining with Oscar Health, some insurance company. With federal officials blocking traditional mergers — such as the megadeal that featured Anthem and Cigna, the nation’s largest insurers, and something involving Aetna and it is rival Humana — information mill searching at combinations that bring them beyond their traditional lines of economic.

Many analysts see the mixture of CVS and Aetna like a defensive move through the companies. CVS Health, that also lately signed a contract with Anthem to assist the insurer start its very own internal pharmacy benefit manager, is searching to safeguard its business with Aetna because it fends off rivals like UnitedHealth Group’s OptumRx yet others. Aetna, foiled in the make an effort to buy Humana, is trying to find new methods to expand its business.

The merger could essentially reshape the process of overseeing drug coverage for insurers, a business that’s covered with three large players which has more and more belong to scrutiny in the last year as public anger over high drug prices has expanded past the usual culprits — most particularly the pharmaceutical industry — to lesser-known players like pharmacy benefit managers.

Underneath the the deal, CVS pays about $207 a share, according to Friday’s closing prices. Roughly $145 a share of that might be in cash, along with the rest in recently issued CVS stock. The offer is anticipated to shut within the other half of the coming year, susceptible to approval by shareholders of both companies in addition to regulators.

Antitrust approval is becoming a fascinating question within the Trump administration, which bankers and lawyers had thought could be more loving toward consolidation than its predecessor.

A mix of a pharmacy company as well as an insurer is recognized as less problematic than the usual merger of two players within the same business, that could reduce competition and hurt consumers. Such concerns ultimately sank Aetna’s efforts to purchase Humana, and Anthem’s push to purchase Cigna, once the Federal government signaled its opposition to such consolidation.

CVS’s suggested takeover of Aetna is really a so-known as vertical merger, mixing companies in 2 different industries. But while such deals have typically met little opposition in Washington, the Justice Department has sued to bar AT&ampT’s $85.4 billion takeover of your time Warner for the reason it would create too effective of the content company.

Both CVS and Aetna performed lower the prospects of regulators relocating to block their deal. The breakup fee for that transaction isn’t especially large, reflecting that belief.

Mr. Bertolini stated that the businesses wouldn’t raise prices for consumers. “It doesn’t seem sensible for all of us to charge people more whenever we want more and more people within the store,” he stated.

But analysts along with other merger experts warn the deal might be blocked by federal antitrust officials who worry that could lessen competition. An area of focus might be Medicare both information mill significant players in offering prescription medication intends to Medicare beneficiaries.

As the companies stated they would like to lower costs, CVS also earns money on rebates from drug makers as well as on filling prescriptions through its pharmacies.

David A. Balto, an antitrust lawyer that has been dramatically critical of combinations among insurers and pharmacy benefit managers, stated he was cautious about getting retailers responsible for people’s health. He contended that doctors might be inside a stronger position to deal with illness than retail executives.

“Who would you like to run the care system?” he stated.

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Katie Thomas contributed reporting.

Yes, Jesse Trump, You Stated That

Obama is presently participating in some revisionist history.

Trump Lashes On Twitter, Saying F.B.I. Is within ‘Tatters’

  • Within an remarkable attack on top police force body in the own government, President Trump accused the F.B.I. and it is career investigators of getting a against him.
  • Your comments ought to came 2 days following the agency had helped secure a guilty plea along with a pledge of cooperation from Mr. Trump’s first national security advisor, Michael T. Flynn.

CVS Concurs to purchase Insurance Giant Aetna for $69 Billion

  • The offer would change the healthcare industry by mixing the pharmacy giant and among the U . s . States’ greatest health insurers.
  • It reflects the more and more blurred lines between typically separate spheres of the profession.

Met Opera Suspends James Levine Among Abuse Accusations

  • Three men stated the conductor sexually mistreated them decades ago once they were teenagers.
  • The Met then suspended its four-decade relationship with Mr. Levine, 74, and canceled his scheduled engagements.

The Lure of the Better Existence, Among Cold and Darkness

Norilsk, when a slave labor camp, now prospers as an origin of palladium. Pretty good, aside from the 2 several weeks of darkness and temperatures of minus 80.

Spelman and Morehouse, the celebrated Atlanta colleges, happen to be roiled by charges of assault and impunity.

The torrent of claims against high-profile men in entertainment, media and politics has become distributing across academia.


Pharmacy giant CVS is near an offer to merge with Aetna by Monday

Pharmacy operator CVS Health has provided to purchase the third-largest U.S. health insurer, Aetna, for $66 billion. (Reuters)

Pharmacy giant CVS Health and Aetna, the country’s third-largest health insurer, are earning progress toward a merger and may strike an offer by Monday, according to someone acquainted with the discussions.

The possible deal, that is still not sure to occur, could be among the greatest health-care mergers of all time and would mark a significant transfer of the competitive landscape of the profession.

Siloed, stand-alone health-care firms that perform functions for example processing health claims, filling prescriptions or negotiating drug pricing is relocating to become integrated companies targeted at managing many facets of patient care.

The offer — and also the transfer of CVS business — might have been expedited by the tremors of anticipation rumbling with the health-care industry that Amazon . com could soon start selling prescription medications.

Mixing with Aetna could make CVS less susceptible to potential Amazon . com competition, because it expands beyond filling prescriptions and negotiating drug prices and toward broader management of patient health. (Amazon . com leader Jeffrey P. Bezos  owns The Washington Publish.)

For a long time, CVS continues to be evolving away from its familiar identity being an ubiquitous corner pharmacy. It’s extended into the large business of negotiating drug prices for employers and insurers, built out retail MinuteClinics and sent nurses to people’s homes to assist administer infusion drugs. Joining with Aetna continues this expansion into delivering care and may push Aetna’s 22 million people into its network of pharmacies and clinics.

For Aetna, the merger will bring the process of drug cost settlement in-house, just like competitors did. Health insurers are trying to find more data and touch points with consumers, which CVS could provide through its retail locations, pharmacists, infusion services and clinics.

Analysts in the investment firm Jefferies wrote in August that Aetna’s leader, Mark Bertolini, had described dealing with CVS and perhaps other retailers to change storefronts suffering eroding sales right into a health pavilion offering bloodstream draws, medical imaging, drug infusions and dialysis.

This trend toward “vertical integration” — getting independent companies that perform different services under one umbrella — is happening across healthcare, pressed by financial incentives which are progressively shifting to reward patient outcomes.

For instance, like a major pharmacy benefit manager, CVS today negotiates discounts with drug companies — one bit of health spending. With Aetna, CVS might have the information and financial motivation to incentivize more and better efficient health take care of a patient overall, by seeing how drug spending matches the broader context. Its pharmacists may help ensure people are sticking to that particular drug regimen. Its MinuteClinics might be provided to patients at really low cost, to discourage using greater-priced health-care services.

“I want my pharmacy benefit manager of looking after concerning the total medical expense, instead of only the drug bill. I would like my PBM of looking after about what sort of care is really being sent to the individual, and not simply the price and quality connected with this one silo,” stated Dan Mendelson, president of Avalere Health, a talking to firm.

On CVS’s newest earnings calls, executives discussed the evolution of their business.

“We have started to triage patients, where we’re positively managing patients who’ve been identified as having some form of chronic care condition, in order to make sure that they are following their regimens of care, in order to have them healthy,” stated Ray J. Merlo, leader of CVS Health. “I think we’ve been in a position to show our local presence, the truth that that can result in direct engagement with customers and patients, and for that reason, produce better outcomes in a lower cost.Inches

Additionally to CVS’s potential challenge from Amazon . com, Aetna is facing an aggressive threat using their company insurers. UnitedHealth Group, the country’s largest insurer includes a fast-growing segment of business called Optum which includes a pharmacy benefit manager in addition to data services along with a care delivery business involving 20,000 doctors and countless facilities. Near to 1 / 2 of its revenue now originates from Optum. Another major insurer, Anthem, lately announced it might bring its drug settlement management in-house.

“It is becoming more and more obvious that all these individual organizations, using their one bit of the general health-care cake, whether it’s managing prescriptions or claims or even the inpatient piece, is not doing a great deal. You need the entire picture,” stated Kim Monk, a md at Capital Alpha Partners.

The offer could raise some antitrust concerns, particularly because both companies compete in offering Medicare prescription medication plans.

Aetna’s suggested merger with Humana crumbled this past year under Justice Department opposition. However the recent Justice Department challenge towards the suggested merger between AT&T and Time Warner shows that even vertical mergers — mixtures of firms that don’t directly compete — may attract antitrust scrutiny.

“For Aetna subscribers, they’d effectively have no choice but into the inability to use their pharmacy of preference,Inches stated David Balto, an old policy director from the Ftc who brought the customer opposition to Aetna’s suggested merger with Humana.

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Live Briefing: McConnell States Republicans Possess the Votes to pass through the Goverment Tax Bill


At This Time: Senator Susan Collins stated she’ll election yes around the goverment tax bill. Senator Bob Corker states he cannot support current bill.

• Senator Mitch McConnell, most leader, stated “we possess the votes” and also the Senate will start voting later today.

• Senator Susan Collins of Maine stated she’s guaranteed the alterations she must election yes. For instance, the balance will incorporate a $10,000 deduction for condition and native property taxes.

• Three previous Republican holdouts — Senators Shaun Flake of Arizona, Steve Daines of Montana and Ron Manley of Wisconsin — put their support behind the balance.

• An attempt by Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee to incorporate future tax increases to counterbalance the deficit impact from the bill was rejected by Senate leadership, prompting Mr. Corker to state he’s not able to aid the legislation.

• Lawmakers are actually thinking about reinstating an altered form of the choice minimum tax on individuals as well as on corporations.

The Senate continues the controversy on taxes on Friday.CreditT.J. Kirkpatrick for that New You are able to Occasions

Republicans near to passing Senate bill.

The Senate is near passing the Republicans’ sweeping tax overhaul with several holdouts now tossing their support behind the balance.

Ms. Collins, who had been the final big holdout, stated she’d offer the bill after changes she wanted were created towards the legislation.

“Having guaranteed these key enhancements within the bill, along with the commitments to legislation to assist lower medical health insurance premiums, I’ll cast my election meant for the Senate tax reform bill,” she stated. “As revised, this bill will give you much-needed tax relief and simplification for lower- and middle-earnings families, while spurring the development of good jobs and greater economic growth.”

Party leaders also selected in the votes of three other holdouts: Mr. Flake, Mr. Daines and Mr. Manley.

Mr. McConnell and Senator John Cornyn, no. 2 Senate Republican, stated on Friday morning that Republicans had the 50 votes they have to pass the goverment tax bill.

Republicans made an appearance more and more confident because they milled in to the Senate’s ornate Strom Thurmond Room to hash the remaining information on a goverment tax bill that’s been a moving target.

One of the changes Ms. Collins guaranteed was including a $10,000 property tax break in to the Senate bill. Ms. Collins tweeted that they was “delighted” using the move.

Mr. Corker had pressed to lessen the tax cuts within the Senate bill within the wake of the report in the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation that forecasted the balance would add $1 trillion to deficits during the period of ten years, despite comprising economic growth. On Thurs ., Republicans were discussing several options for altering the balance to deal with deficit concerns, including progressively raising the organization tax rate later in life.

But other Republicans opposed the thought of raising taxes, as well as on Friday, that concept was from the table.

“This is an additional tough election. I’m disappointed. I needed to get at yes. But in the finish during the day, I’m not in a position to put aside my fiscal concerns and election for legislation which i believe, in line with the information I presently have, could deepen your debt burden on generations to come,Inches Mr. Corker stated inside a statement.

Mr. Trump sounded positive on Friday morning, inside a tweet taunting Democrats within the bill’s prospects.

Party leaders acquired four more votes on Friday.

Mr. Daines and Mr. Manley had objected towards the bill due to the way it treated pass-through companies, whose earnings are given to proprietors and taxed at individual rates.

The Senate goverment tax bill will allow go through proprietors to subtract 23 percent of the business earnings as a means of lowering their taxes, up from 17.4 % within the original Senate bill.

“After days of fighting for Primary Street companies including Montana’s maqui berry farmers and ranchers, I’ve made the decision to aid the Senate tax cut bill, which supplies significant tax relief for Primary Street companies,” Mr. Daines stated inside a statement on Friday morning.

Mr. Manley stated inside a statement also, he props up bill.

Mr. Flake, inside a statement, stated he’d offer the goverment tax bill after you have changes to some budget “gimmick” along with a commitment that Senate leaders and also the Trump administration works with him on the legislative solution on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Republicans are picking out ways to cover the alterations.

On Friday, Republicans rejected the thought of putting in tax increases that will work some time from now, one step that will soften the deficit results of the legislation.

“Larding the balance track of new tax increases could have been going the incorrect direction,” stated Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas.

But lawmakers still need find ways to cover the alterations being made and congressional aides stated it’ll be a mix of things including:

• Retaining the choice minimum tax for corporations, which may raise $40 billion more than a decade.

• Retaining an altered version of the baby AMT, which may raise $133 billion more than a decade.

• Slightly growing the tax rate on offshore assets underneath the “deemed repatriation” provision, which may raise $97 billion more than a decade.

Who Gains In the Tax Plan? Economists Face Off

Republican leaders say their proposals will fuel investment and job creation. Critics state that the wealthy would be the beneficiaries which debt will weigh on growth. We requested two economists, one from both sides, to create their cases.

This bill continues to be promoted like a boon for that middle-class. Will it fulfill that advertise?

Douglas Holtz-Eakin:

Capital accumulation, productivity growth and living better: That’s the situation for tax reform. It might be an simpler political purchase when there were an upright line in the policy towards the success (and that’s why the left prefers programs that write checks). However the logic is seem, evidence conclusive and also the situation for tax reform enhancing the middle-class impeccable.

Kimberly A. Clausing:

This goverment tax bill isn’t about workers. It’s about giving shareholders and companies lower taxes and just wishing benefits will trickle lower. Rather, give workers any tax cuts, and depend on the effectiveness of the center class to appear, strengthening American business. Seem tax reform shouldn’t lose revenue, and it shouldn’t give most advantages to individuals at the very top.

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Another study states goverment tax bill won’t purchase itself.

The independent Tax Policy Center stated on Friday the Senate goverment tax bill would add $1.2 trillion to federal deficits over ten years, despite comprising elevated economic growth. That deficit estimate was slightly greater compared to congressional Joint Committee on Taxation forecasted on Thursday.

The so-known as dynamic score in the center discovered that the balance, as approved within the Finance Committee, would increase economic growth by .7 % the coming year, however that its growth boost would fade more than a decade, as deficits and federal debt increase. The middle stated individuals benefits could be bigger when the economy was battling, and never operating under low unemployment: “Because the economy is presently near full employment, the outcome of elevated demand on output could be smaller sized and diminish more rapidly of computer would when the economy were in recession.”

Republican senators have belittled the center’s previous findings and largely ignored the Joint Committee’s analysis on Thursday. They are saying they expect much bigger growth effects compared to analyses have discovered.

The independent Tax Foundation, which generally finds greater growth effects from tax cuts, hasn’t yet released an research into the bill after it went through significant amendments in committee.

Michelle Goldberg

Trump Is Cracking Up

Obama is acting more deranged than normal, but Republicans in Congress don’t care.